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about us. 

Hey there! My name is Stephanie Waring. In August 2019, I opened Methodology Marketing to help small business owners. Based in Delray Beach, Method is a small business digital marketing & coaching agency.


I have worked for some of the world's largest companies - including Nestle, PepsiCo and Mars USA. For 10 years, I took on various leadership roles in supply chain, sales and shopper marketing. While I had a great job, I was miserable and lacked inspiration. Each day, I would struggle to get out of bed and most of the time I sat at my desk, checking the clock until it was 6 pm.


In January 2010, I became very sick and doctors could not figure out why. I began spending weeks in and out of the hospital. The illness forced me to stop and examine my life and career. Unhappy and now sick, I knew it was time to make a significant change - but I had no clue where to begin.


(Here comes the random part...!) My brother recommended that I start juicing to build up my strength. Sick of being sick, I bought a juicer and started incorporating juicing into my life. Let me tell you, I could not believe it when I started to feel better!


Healthy again, I returned to work, but quickly decided to leave my 9-to-5 and start my own business. In July of that year, with my husband's support, I opened Tennessee's first cold-pressed juicery, "juice. Nashville".

We didn't have investors and our budget was non-existent, so we had to get creative. Social media became an inexpensive and powerful tool to help us share our brand story. 

We started small - working farmers' markets each weekend. Our primary advertising was Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Over the next few months, our small business began to build a buzz in the community. Lines started forming at each market and we knew we had captured "lightning in a bottle". Our customers became a part of our family and our biggest brand ambassadors.

Over the next few years, our business became a profitable retail & e-commerce business - bringing in several million dollars in sales. 

 In 2017, we sold the business to new owners. At the time of the sale, we had two retail stores, a commercial kitchen, and a juice truck. We also had established partnerships with five local businesses, sold our juice in five farmers' markets and via home delivery. 

I love working with small business owners because I am a small business owner. I have been in the trenches, worked the long hours, worried about payroll, struggled to find ways to grow. Combined with my corporate experience, I provide a unique point of view for my clients.

In my last role, I served as the Chief Marketing Officer for a digital marketing agency based in Miami - working with a wide variety of small businesses on their digital marketing strategies - specifically social media and consulting. But, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Earlier in the year, I realized it was time to start something new - that allowed me to share my unique knowledge & experience within my community. 

So, that leads me to Methodology.


In my last role, I served as the Chief Marketing Officer for a digital marketing agency based in Miami. I worked with all types of small business owners - from attorneys to a skincare startup. But, as they say "once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur"! I realized it was time to start my own business again - and that is why I started Methodology Marketing. Our mission is to provide an all-in-one coaching & digital marketing solution for independent small businesses.  (and... I love helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals!) 

But, I do not work alone. I believe there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to small business. I have partnered with a group of talented graphic designers, SEO specialists, copywriters, and social media ads and Google ad experts that work with me on each project. After meeting a new client, I get to work assembling the perfect team to address their unique needs.

I hope that I get a chance to meet you and learn more about your story. 

Feel free to book some time with me and we can see if we are the right team to help take your business to the next level.

All the Best, 

Stephanie Waring 

Owner / Sr. Small Business Coach

Methodology Marketing

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