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A Short Guide of Marketing Trends in 2020

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to keep up to date with current trends and changes. Knowing where marketing is headed not only helps you stay ahead of the competition, but also ensures your audience remain engaged with your brand.

With the new year having just arrived, I’ve put together a short guide to digital marketing in 2020, to help you grow your small business through marketing.

Image Credit: @yee_yanne via Twenty20

1 - Tailor To Your Audience The days of publishing content for the sake of promotion, and hoping it will entice customers along the way, are gone! Audiences in 2020 want a personal connection with brands and businesses. Potential and current customers alike want to feel like brands are speaking to them, rather than just thousands of people on a mailing list. From personalized emails to connections on social media; avoid that generic tone of voice and make sure you’re tailoring your online content to your audience. If in doubt - imagine you’re speaking to 1 person, rather than thousands.

Image Credit: @meganmeza via Twenty20

2 - Micro Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is all about social proof. Making your audience desire your services and products because people they admire are actively using them. The trick in 2020 is that audiences will be putting more emphasis on trust rather than popularity - which means influencer marketing doesn’t mean big name celebrities anymore! Audiences will be putting more emphasis on trust rather than popularity. Micro-influencers are people with a following between 1000-100,000, who project a high level of authenticity and knowledge. They usually focus on a narrow industry, perfect for small businesses.

3 - Less Content of Higher Quality. In 2020, consumers are on the hunt for value driven content. Think about the amount of online marketing you’re subjected to on a daily basis; emails, social media, etc. Audiences no longer want (or have time) to hear from the brands daily - even the ones they love. Now it’s about content that is less frequent, but packs high value. This means you need to try and combine your content into one package that simultaneously entertains, educates and promotes. It’s difficult - but not impossible.

4 - Think Mobile The vast majority of online marketing is consumed from mobile devices. In 2020, users will be expecting a clean and solid user experience for mobile platforms. There’s no excuse for your website to not function on a mobile anymore! If you don’t provide a user friendly mobile experience, your audience will start to wonder where else in your business you’ve cut corners, eventually turning away from your brand. Just keep in mind the bottom line with website design; if you’re unsure, hire an expert. Keeping up with digital marketing can feel like an uphill battle at times. However, the reward of outshining your competition and engaging your customers in new and exciting ways, should be all the push you need. If you’re unsure, contact me to see how I can help you expand your business in 2020 through digital marketing.

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